Cultural Center
20000 m2
Taichung, Taiwan
Competition Entry

In colaboration with Sparch

Calligraphic-scapes, is the product of a collaboration between Georges Batzios Architects + Sparch (Rena Sakellaridou and Morpho Papanikolaou), for the Taichung City Cultural Center competition which stems from the origins of calligraphy. The rigorous transformation of knowledge, to be found in written language, is brought together with the poetic domains of art by means of calligraphy as the medium. As such, it brings together both the library and art museum into a new hybrid entity. The two buildings are designed together in such a way that written knowledge and art are nested to each other, appreciated and experienced through the programmatic fluid space of a path of knowledge.
It all starts from the geometric simplicity and morphological rigour of the Library. The library is conceived not only as a place of reading but also as a place of experimentation and fluidity, in the same way that knowledge is fluid and always changing. The building exposes its hidden stacks, which then create the external boundary that encloses the unfolding route to the reading spaces. Open and multiple in its programmatic possibilities, this is the path of knowledge. The Museum is then transformed into a calligraphic mountain form. The ground becomes a continuous surface that folds and rises to form this Mountain with its two peaks supporting the roof, which is designed as a quiet landscape that offers passing birds a nest for a while on their journey to other places.
The building becomes a fusion between the environment, art and architecture, while nature invades and shapes the ground floor and the roof.