Crossing the fields of science, anthropology and art in architecture, we attempt a reading of architectural space through the prism of its contextual interaction.

The clarity of our forms and their sensitive integration into the natural and cultural environment is emphasised as a design necessity that incorporates each time the site’s specific elements. Architecture for us is not an imposing condition, but a flexible result of the program-context interaction. We design in between different scales and heterogene conditions: from ephemeral to timeless, from formal to experimental…


Georges Batzios

Founder, Director

Georges Batzios is an Architect focused on creating vibrant, architectural subjects formed as resultants of anthropological needs rather than their formatter.

He pursued an international career designing and leading multi-disciplinary teams on large sizes large scale international projects such as the 53w53 MoMA Tower in New York, the Louvre of Abu Dhabi, the Art and Technology Quarter in Segovia, La Philharmonie de Paris, the Rethink Athens International Competition in collaboration with world famous architects such as Ateliers Jean Nouvel, David Chipperfield Architects, Martha Schwartz and Partners, Fr-ee Fernando Romero amongst others.

In 2012 he founded Georges Batzios Architects, a multidisciplinary architecture studio that focuses on various projects and competitions held in Greece and abroad , often teaming up with international design firms, like Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Kengo Kuma and Associates

Spyros Kleissas

Partner, Project Architect

Spyros Kleissas is a registered architect – engineer of the National Chamber of Greece, based in Athens, Greece and for the past three years he is a partner at Georges Batzios Architects.

Practicing architecture, he has successfully completed a wide range of different and composite projects. He has been in charge for the design, permitting procedure and construction supervision of a large number of major Landscape, cultural, education, hospitality, and residential projects. He has wide experience in project management and coordination, including the entire range of administrative and contractual issues. He has also specialized in indoor and outdoor signage design for major clients such as FRAPORT, WESTIN and others. Major indicative projects include local projects such as the new Cultural Centre of Mystras, a new Waterpark and Theme Park at the former Canoe – Kayak Olympic Venue, the Reformation of Ilissos’ River Riparian Area, as well as the Design of a new Data Center in Dhaban, Saudi Arabia.

His works are characterized by the integration of eco-friendly technologies and the constant pursuit for construction solutions that materialize the design intentions in the best possible way. His current projects include an Office Building in Lykovrissi, a Shopping Centre in Piraeus and several Private residencies in Greece.


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