Archeological Museum
15000 m2
Athens, Greece
Greek Ministry of Culture
Competition Shortlist

In collaboration with Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Georges Batzios Architects

The mission of the Archaeological Museum of Athens is to highlight the existing artistic and cultural wealth, as a testimony of Greek civilization, through design intentions that will make it accessible and organically connected to the University. The main concern of the proposal is to reintroduce the element of the community: the museum as an open and living area of the city, composed of the mixture of different chronological layers (19th, 20th, 21st century).
The strategic design decisions envisage the formation of five gardens as integral parts of the museum:
_Rectification of the Museum’s environment, emphasizing the rhythmic presence of the trees, to create a shady open square that will connect the University with the Museum.
_ Enhancing the cultural presence of the Acropole Across building through the use of LED screens.
_ Upgrading and enhancement of the façade colonnade by the architect Ernst Ziller.
_ Creation of a space for temporary exhibitions, along the axis of the entrance and Vassilios Heraklion Street, highlighted by a large folding sunshade and smaller-scale landscape interventions.
_ At the level of the entrance of the current museum, the creation of a central axis is proposed, which is further highlighted by the characteristic marble structure and the construction of a pedestrian bridge that will connect the two sides of the Athenian garden, which in turn accommodate the functions necessary for the museum’s programme.
_ The Athenian garden is enhanced with shrubs and aromatic plants, with the intention of creating an area suitable for walking and resting.
_ The facades facing the street are retained and a new building is suggested, the “Ouranos (Sky) Gallery”, which is surrounded by a large epigraphic garden.
_ Finally, the two existing atrium gardens are extended and at the same time, two-level perimeter walkways are constructed to serve the halls.